Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Neighborhoods Is Under Siege

Today’s release  STOP AND FRISK, by I AM TRIGG, marks the next stage in the crafting of this young artist. No longer simply enjoying his success as the preteen rap phenom, TRIGG has taken a daring step into the ring on this current social issue. The practice of Stop-Question-and-Frisk continues to challenge the civil liberties of hundreds of thousands of mostly young African American and Latino men. The driving beat and explosive lyrics of STOP AND FRISK lends an edgy tempo to a cutting topic.

When he was 14, Baby Triggy produced a song entitled “My Jeans” for Jenna Rose. It became a viral hit in 2010, racking up 15 million views before it was taken down.
Almost four years later, the rap star, who has changed his name to I Am Trigg, is diving into deeper issues.
In his latest single, “Stop and Frisk,” Trigg addresses the controversial NYPD search tactic that has been the subject of debate for years now.
“It’s something that affects a lot of people,” he said. “It’s an issue that is in the news all the time and I want to make people aware of it.”
The song features a punchy beat with auto tuners but Trigg — a nickname given to him for his fast and steady flow on the mic — is clear in his message by using lyrics including “based on the image, they stoppin’ and friskin’, hate all around, hate on the image.”
Though he has never been stopped himself, the Jamaica resident said that his friends and family have had the experience.
“It’s based on appearance,” he said. “If you’re wearing baggy jeans or a hoodie, you’re more likely to get stopped and I want that to end.”
Trigg acknowledged that stop and frisk is helpful in certain situations but wishes there was more of an open dialogue between the police and the community.
“I think communication is key,” he said. “The police need to communicate with people and we need to communicate with police.”
As a publicity stunt, Trigg made up fliers that look like parking tickets promoting the song and placed them on carwindows in residential areas.
“I knew that would get people’s attention because where we put them, there usually isn’t a sign saying they can’t park and when someone comes to their car and they see that orange piece of paper, they’re going to pick it up quickly.”
Inside the flier is a QR code that, when scanned using a smartphone, takes one directly to the music video.
Trigg said he’s already seeing results. Since the video was put up a week and a half ago, it has gotten more than 203,000 views.
“I think it’s something that everyone can relate to because it’s not just happening in the ‘ghetto’ areas,” Trigg said. “It’s happening to all sorts of people from all over the city. I know people who aren’t black who were stopped because of the way they dressed.”
The track will be featured on I Am Trigg’s first full-length album, entitled “Forgotten Flag.”
“The cover is going to be of the peacetime flag, which is something not many people even know we have,” he said.
There isn’t an exact date “Forgotten Flag” will be released, but Trigg said he thinks it will be out by this spring.
‘Stop and Frisk’byI Am Trigg

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

14 year old Wrote the" MY JEANS" Sensation on YouTube!:)

Queens native Curtis Anderson better known as "Baby Triggy" is the young kid who wrote and produced the YouTube sensation "My Jeans". Baby Triggy started writing at the tender age of 10 and never looked back. Now 15 years old, Baby Triggy is a straight "A" student that spends most of his time running his own entertainment empire called Lunchbox Recordz. His company creates music, film, and tv productions. His current single "Ice Cream" showcases his talents as a producer, writer, and performer. In his journey to become a successful entrepreneur, Baby Triggy is proving to the world that he is gifted, patient and will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

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